Starters for your new PCB

When drawing a PCB shape from a mechanical drawing, nothing is as smooth as it looks. There is a trap behind every corner. Distances, dimensions, details, you name it. You can rely on what I prepared and verified when using Hardware Design Templates. All connectors present in the Templates were bought and checked on actual samples. All Multi-board Templates contain PCBs that correctly fit the enclosure according to the manufacturer's best recommendations.

What will be your next design? What have you been working on?

Hardware design template

Verified Hardware Desing Templates. Product design cannot be easier. Templates fit their... 

  • ECAD project

    Simple and clean ECAD project. The size of the PCB is the maximum possible and the shape always follows the enclosure borders.

  • Bill of material

    List of all recommended components that were verified to be perfectly fiting the enclosure openings.

  • HW review

    Are you unsure with the schematic content? Do you want to put another pair of eyes to you design to check for mistakes? I will help you!