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DIN rail node

DIN rail node

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What you will get:

The Hardware Design Template package for the easiest schematic design and PCB layout of an Industrial instrument compatible with DIN rail (TS35).

The Hardware Design Template package contains:

  • Design data of the verified PCB template.
  • A design library of all used symbols.
  • A design library of all used footprints.
  • Clean and easy to order BOM of all components compatible with the enclosure openings.
  • Instructions on how to order the enclosure by yourself.

The Hardware Design Template supports:

  • PoE RJ45 jack
  • USB Type-C receptacle
  • 2.1 mm Barrel DC connector
  • USB-A or USB3.1 receptacles
  • microSD card slot

The used enclosure is ItalTronic 25.0410000.BGB.

What you will not get:

The Hardware Design Template package DOES NOT contain:

  • Any physical enclosure or any piece of material.


💾 The Hardware Design Template is a downloadable digital product (delivery policy)


90.5x72x62 mm

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A jump start

Mechanical simplicity along with tested components keep you on track to the final product.

  • ECAD project

    Simple and clean ECAD project. The size of the PCB is the maximum possible and the shape always follows the enclosure borders.

  • Bill of material

    List of all recommended components that were verified to be perfectly fiting the enclosure openings.