Story behind

Not everyone wants to be an astronaut or a medical or veterinary doctor as a child. I love puzzles, construction sets and boxes of bricks. There is nothing better than to create something big from the simplest components. As much as someone loved toy bulldozers, I adored bricks. After about 15 years of the professional pathway, I realized I was making the same mistakes repeatedly. Even the simplest thing contains traps. And I was trapped many times when designing a new PCB layout. There is a gap between mechanical drawings and electrical designs. I failed to jump over many times.


You do not have to repeat my mistakes

I decided to start preparing verified templates for PCB layouts. To provide you with pieces of design you can rely on. From a technical point of view, the PCB layout template is trivia. From a designer's point of view, the PCB layout template is the foundation stone of a house called a new product.

Nobody wants to build a house of cards. We fight for fortresses or citadels. The new product design must stand on stable ground.


Hardware Design Template is the stable ground for your design

How did I start at day zero? I purchased an enclosure I found best for my designs. I do not know your products, but my idea was simple. What can help one engineer might be helpful to others. The bare PCB template for an enclosure was born. My most pleasant time is polishing a simple thing. Making it universal is the ultimate goal. I focused on my goal.



Hardware Design Template is like a cat. Fast, effective, flexible and smart. 

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A long road to a perfect template

Every time I design a new template, I have a hard time looking for the dimensions and cyphers in the mechanical drawings of the enclosures. For the more complex Hardware Design Templates, I must prepare a revision or two revisions before the job is perfect. That is the price of the bulletproof design. The outcome follows the mission of Beny-devices project:

Only verified hardware templates

In the catalogue, you can see that in the product pictures, there are actual PCBs. No mockups, no gimmicks—only the actual boards that carry the genuine connectors in the exact shape as your product will do. This is the meaning of the verified hardware template.


What if Right the first time is possible?

When I am working o a new template, it takes me a few hours of measuring and testing. Sometimes the process took two revisions to get a working template.

Example of the verified enclosure with Hardware design template

I have created the templates to have a few crucial features:

  • Maximum PCB size.
  • If placed, only verified components from reliable manufacturers.
  • Correct and fully portable libraries. Both for symbols and footprints.

For the price of one or two coffees, you will get a template that will save you time measuring, testing and wasting material for the wrong prototype run.

Your Templates are waiting for you